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<Madness Theatre> is a gaming community of people who love playing all kinds of games together but simply lack the time or will to commit themselves into set schedules in the game. We're people with families or other commitments in real life that make it impossible for us to log on to set days to raid / PvP / whatever.

Our origins begin all the way back from the year 2006 when a guild called <Primal> was founded. Some of those original members still play with us from time to time. <Madness Theatre> was founded on October and we will be arranging a server wide birthday event every year.
But we aim to have more events than that. Server wide events are a very fun way of bringing people together and a nice diversity from the same old for people.

So in <Madness Theatre> we don't set you any schedules, we do not ask you to log on when you just don't feel like it. To us games are just for entertainment. We're not looking for another job online.
We like to do all kinds of stuff in game together, whether it be dungeon runs, raiding, PvP, etc. Or if you just don't feel like playing, you can always just log on to the Discord and just talk. We have someone on Discord almost all the time during the day / evening.

Family members that also play games are also perfectly welcome to join our ranks. Family is important and if you have found a common hobby in a game you like to play, it's better that you can do it together in the same guild.

And like I already said, we play lots of other games along side The Elder Scrolls Online, like for example World of Tanks, Borderlands 1 & 2, Heroes of the Storm, The Division, Hearthstone... You name it. And if you have found a game you wish to try together with someone, just say so and someone possibly will try it with you. And since we're all adults in this guild we enforce mature behavior, whatever it is your playing.
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